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Reuse & Repair

Remake supports our community and individuals to be more prepared and to respond to environmental and economic emergencies. From reuse & repair opportunities to promoting the circular economy to sharing resources and skills, Remake is promoting a fair and green renewal.

Circular Economy

We divert dry, clean, safe, quality surplus materials from landfill to keep them in circulation for longer. Donate surplus or end of line stock to Remake by clicking here.

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Community Tool Library

Our tool library is like a traditional book lending library. By becoming a member, you can have access to things you sometimes need or want to use without spending lots of money and without having to find space for it in your home. The tool library is hosted by MyTurn.

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Tool Library Stock

Some of the items we have in stock include:


Sewing machine, badge maker, die-cutter & embossing machine


Pressure washer, carpet cleaner, specialist cookware


Branch loppers, hedge trimmers, leafblower


Drills, workbench, angle grinder, impact driver


Gazebos, bunting, cash till


Guitars, banjo, electric guitar


Play parachute, bouncy castle


Fitness weights, bike repair kit


Remake is well known for our amazing fabric and haberdashery section thanks to a number of dedicated volunteers. Textile reuse is far more sustainable & beneficial to the planet and a wonderful creative pursuit. Join one of our sewing classes or get involved as a sewing volunteer, upcycling surplus fabric into new creative products such as our tote bags.

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"In terms of creativity, Christine inspires you to believe you can create anything you like and we’re often thrilled with our unexpected results. We’re extremely lucky to have such an expert and charismatic teacher."

"I’ve learned so much new skills. As you know, Christine is just amazing and a she is a very patient teacher. I also believe it has had a positive effect on my mental health."

Remake Container

Thanks to a collaboration with Perth & Kinross Council, Remake opened the reuse container at the Crieff Recycling Centre in May 2019. Drop off quality donations whenever the Recycling Centre is open.

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Our Remake Community Reuse & Repair project runs from 2019-2022 and is supported by: