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Amulree Welch, General Manager

As General Manager, I am responsible for the leadership and management of Remake.

My focus areas include delivering our strategic plan, representing the organisation to key stakeholders (such as funders and community partners), leading and supporting the staff team, and supporting our Chair and Board. We are however a small team and work together to tackle what needs done, so in practice I can get involved in anything!

Working in Remake helps me to feel more involved with my local community and feel that I am making a practical contribution to tackling the climate crisis.

Fiona Airey, Volunteer & Policy Co-ordinator

Volunteers are integral to Remake and it is my responsibility to recruit and support all our Volunteers. Another part of my remit is to monitor all our policies and Health & Safety procedures. Being a Revolve accredited organisation you can often see me out on the Hub floor checking that we are complying with Revolve standards and checking in with Volunteers.

I have had a long relationship with Remake, starting as a Volunteer and Board member before being lucky enough to secure a part time position meeting people and working in an organisation with a vision and mission that I can fully get behind.

Mhairi McNeill, Retail Hub Manager

As Retail Hub Manager my role is to ensure the smooth operation of the Retail; offsite, onsite, and at our Reuse Container at Crieff Recycling Centre. My focus includes the intake of donations, ensuring our own eco-friendly waste streams as well as the smooth running of our shop floor Thursday to Saturday.

Team spirit, volunteer happiness and customer satisfaction are all part of my daily job.

Izzy Gretton, Textile Co-ordinator & Acting General Manager

I am responsible for all things textile. My main tasks are sorting through the huge amount of textile donations and designing, scheduling and running reuse and repair workshops. My position is funded by Gannochy Trust. I am passionate about textile reuse and passing on sewing skills to the community.

I will also be taking on some of the General Manager’s tasks whist Amulree is on maternity leave

Ann Petrie, Deputy Retail Manager

As Deputy Retail Manager my role is to oversee the day to day running of the retail space. I am also responsible for processing (not alone) the large volume of donations that we receive weekly.

I support the objectives of the Hub Manager and am a point of contact for colleagues working across Remake as well as the general public.

Lynn Ramsbottom , Retail Assistant & Acting Textile Co-ordinator

I have been working at Remake for many years and have done the majority of retail jobs over the years

I am currently responsible for researching rare and unusual items donated to us to help determine how they should be priced. This keeps me very busy and I thoroughly enjoy delving into the fascinating world of curios.

Tracey Oates, Finance Co-ordinator & Acting General Manager

I run all the day to day financials for Remake and put together the annual accounts. I have been with Remake for many years.

I am excited to be working with Izzy to cover for Amulree whilst she is on Maternity leave.

Julia Hadley, Refillery Assistant

I run the day-to-day Refillery operations. Everything from ordering stock to keeping the Refillery in ship shape condition.

To Volunteer in the Refillery it is necessary to complete Food Hygiene 2 Qualification and I support the volunteers once they start with us.

Robin Kesson, Retail Assistant & Tool Library Co-ordinator

There are so many different tasks in the retail area and I get involved with most of them.

I am the main contact point for the Tool Library which involves managing the booking system, collating the items and dealing with returns.

Kat Lytuynova, Retail Assistant

I assist with everything related to the retail area and support the everyday activities within Remake. No two days are the same and I’m always learning something new.

Fiona McGarva, Sustainable Growth Co-ordinator

As Sustainable Growth Co-ordinator, I am responsible for the management and delivery of new projects. I manage our new Refillery shop where you can buy wholefoods, personal care and household goods without plastic waste packaging.

I am also working on our community plastic recycling project, developing new ways to repurpose domestic plastic items into usable products. Remake will also be offering a creative workshop space and my remit is to manage this exciting development over the next year.

I have been with Remake since the beginning and have seen the charity go from strength to strength. The dedication and community spirit that staff and volunteers bring to Remake keeps me positive about the future.

Freya Geddes, Community Engagement Co-ordinator

My role involves working in the local community, running various projects. I organise a monthly Repair Café at Strathearn Arts, as well as Climate Cafés where people can come and learn about issues related to our environment.

I also work to increase youth engagement with Remake, whether that be through the various schools in the area, or through other youth centred organisations.

In the future, I will be carrying out a carbon impact study to help measure the impact our work at Remake is doing to aid our environment. I am still new to the role and am looking forward to the progress I will be making in my projects!