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Remake Refills

Welcome to the refill revolution! Remake Refills is our new zero waste, plastic free shopping experience based instore.

How it Works

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Choose a Container

Please bring along your own clean containers for refilling – anything you keep food in at home. (And we get it, sometimes we forget to bring a container so we have jars for free that are cleaned and made sterile through our dishwasher). We also have paper bags to buy.

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Weigh the Container

Our team of staff and volunteers will weigh your containers on our scales, then zero the scales so that you are only paying for the contents of your container.

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Fill the Container

Staff and volunteers will fill your container with your requests. We use clean scoops, funnels and spoons for every refill so you know that everything is safe and hygienic.

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Pay for Refill Contents

Products are priced per 100g and this also applies to cleaning and bathroom products.

Our Products

To see our current product stocklist, please see below.

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Beans, lentils, pulses, dried fruit, chocolate, snacks, sweets, nuts, seeds, sugar, flour, cereals, rice, grains, pasta, herbs, spices, honey.

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Household cleaning, toilet paper, brushes, dental, personal care, stationery, soap.

Why a Refill Shop?

Since 2011, Remake has been on a mission to reduce waste in Strathearn and we hope that Remake Refills will be a new way for us to support our community to live more sustainably. We believe passionately that supporting local people to buy plastic free will help us all to vastly reduce the amount of single use plastic consumed.

Small changes to our weekly shopping habits can have huge impacts, helping people feel more proactive in the face of the climate emergency whilst offering competitive prices during the cost of living crisis.

Community is a core value within Remake and as such we are mindful to compliment other refill services in the local area, rather than compete with them. The following businesses offer either refill options or plastic free shopping.

J L Gill's Meal Store, Crieff

We offer loose and refill stock including flour, dried fruit, muesli, nuts, herbs, spices, coffee, oat flakes, oatmeal, rapeseed oil. Refill cleaning products such as laundry liquid, washing up liquid & fabric conditioner plus personal care products such as handwash, shampoo, conditioner & body wash.

We are currently transitioning our pre-bagged food items into 3 litre glass jars. This will mean food items such as lentils, beans, rice & pulses will also be available for refill..

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The Crieff Food Co. Ltd

We offer numerous refill options including loose grains, lentils, pulses, cereals, coffee beans, dried fruit and chocolate & yoghurt coated sweet treats plus 14 different delicious varieties of olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

We sell a large variety of sustainable storage solutions, from BPA free Tupperware through to mason style glass storage/fermenting jars and stainless steel lunch & bento boxes! In the past couple of years we have completely removed all single use plastic water bottles from our range.

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Comrie Croft Farm Shop, by Comrie

We have a refill station featuring grains, lentils, rice, chocolate raisins, Bombay mix, nuts, Faith in Nature shampoos & body wash, Bio D laundry liquid & household cleaning products.

We have delicious organic fruit and vegetables, grown onsite by Tomnah'a Market Garden plus organic produce from Suma and Mr Organic sauces. Locally sourced products include Herb Majesty meats, Perthshire honey, Strathearn cheeses, East Neuk of Fife oatcakes, Buddy Kombucha plus handcrafted gifts, knives, walking sticks & candles.

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Studio 52, Drummond Street, Comrie

We provide a selection of Faith in Nature body wash and hand wash refills, Ocean Saver drop refills and a wide selection of plant based cleaning cloths and sponges which are completely plastic free and compostable.

We source beautifully made and ecologically conscious gifts, books and homewares from independent makers and small companies and with particular thought going into how each item will be disposed of at the end of its life cycle.

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Hansen's Deli, Comrie

We offer both organic & non-organic refill products including dried fruits, rices, lentils, pulses, nuts, seeds, grains, flours, herbs and spices, as well as chocolate drops, oats, pasta and oils. We also stock full bean or ground to order coffee from our onsite Highlands Coffees roastery plus Ecover and Bio D cleaning products. Please ask about our bulk bag purchases.

Customers can bring their own containers or use our compostable packaging to purchase a range of dry and wet goods to restock their larder and utility areas.

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