Community Global Economy

Remake trustee Fiona Murchie introduces us to Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics

What do Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Time magazine and Joe Biden’s transition team have in common?

Remake Futures Volunteering

What would you like Remake to do for the community in 2021?

Before Christmas, we asked our volunteers and young adults on work placements, “What would you like Remake to do for the community in 2021?”.

Community Local Economy

Why you should be part of the circular economy… and buy second hand this Christmas!

Remake volunteer Ben asks us to consider a more sustainable festive season this year.

Community Remake Futures

Ali’s Blog Piece: My past two years at Remake

My journey with Remake began in September 2018. When applying for the job I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was Remake was a charity with the aim of stopping usable “stuff” from entering landfill – stuff that could have a new life.

Community Tool Library

Where would we be without tools?

The evolution of humankind is characterised by our ability to imagine, design, make and use tools.