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Out of Sight – Out of Mind?

On a wet and rainy day in deepest February a few staff and Volunteers were having a natter during our ‘tea break’ and it was agreed that it would be great to go on an Remake outing together. Apart from the fact it had been so long since we were able to visit anywhere, we felt we needed a bit of fun together.

Given that Remake is all about supporting sustainable living it was decided we would organise a trip to Binn’s Eco Park in Glenfarg. Most of us think of skips when we see the name Binn but they are much more than that. Binn Group is one of Scotland’s largest recyclers with over 20 years of waste management expertise, they have developed an innovative, creative, and supportive environment that generates organic growth and brings economic and social benefits to employees, the community, businesses and the environment.

Contact was made with Audrey Duckworth, Head of Environment, who was very helpful in organising a site tour for us. After a brief introduction we were taken out to the Eco Park itself (thank goodness the rain held off, but the wind was another matter!).

First off, we were given an overview of the waste acceptance area and talked through how waste was processed and separated into waste streams through their Material Reclamation Facilities. It was fascinating to see how the waste was sorted by very dextrous and skilled forklift truck drivers as well as the facilities where waste is manually separated. Along the way Audrey’s enthusiasm was infectious and she shared her insights about recycling has progressed over the years. We then left this area and headed up the hill to where the processing of wood, food and aggregates takes place.

The whole Eco Park is a mixture of tackling todays’ waste problems which sits alongside their drive to work with partners to explore how waste can be reduced in the first instance. Audrey explained that they are very proactive and invest in facilities and resources, such as windmills and incinerators to produce their own renewable energy.

At the end of the tour, we were invited in for a cuppa and chat. Poor Audrey was swamped with questions and to give her credit she remained keen to inform us and was not short of stimulating opinions about the future of recycling.

If you get the opportunity to visit the Binn Group Eco Park – snap it up!

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