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Luke’s employment journey at Remake

Remake changed my life. Before starting to work here, I hadn’t had a job for more than six months and had little hope of ever getting one (especially a job that I enjoyed). I learned about Remake through the Jobcentre in Perth where I was shown a description of what the job included. Once I had read through it, I was already keen to get started as soon as possible because it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. So, I filled out the application for it and within a few days I had heard back with an interview date.

After my interview I was invited to complete a trial for a week to see how I would cope with the job and if I would enjoy doing it. After the trial, it was agreed upon between me and the rest of Remake that I did well during the trial and that I would be able to start working the following week. I started working at Remake on the 15th of January.

I have learned many things about myself during my time working with Remake including that being on the till talking to the public isn’t as bad as it sounds and that it can be quite enjoyable to see what people are buying and what they plan to do with it. I have also learned that in the world of work just because it is a job it doesn’t mean that it will be boring.

Another thing I have learned is that Remake plays a big part in the community by stopping people throwing stuff out. They do this by taking in furniture and other items from people that would normally have been thrown away. They either collect the items from a person’s house or through a Remake container at the Recycling Centre. The container at the Recycling Centre helps people planning to throw stuff out to understand that their stuff can be reused rather than thrown away.

shipping container

I have also learned that the people you work with have a huge impact on your work life and that great co-workers can make a boring job fun and vice versa. Remake also helps people to start their life in the work world by giving them experience and other valuable life skills. They have people still in school that are doing their Duke of Edinburgh award who come in and help around the shop. They also have young people like me who work through the Community Jobs Scotland scheme which aims to help vulnerable young people get into work life and to help them get the experience and skills they’ll need in their future.

Another big part of Remake is the volunteers – they do a lot for Remake by either helping in the store or being one of the drivers that go to people’s houses to collect. Many of the volunteers are retired people and Remake gives them a chance to do something new where they can share their valuable skills and experience.

Since I started working at Remake I have become a lot more confident in myself when it comes to making decisions that will affect Remake whereas before I wouldn’t put that kind of responsibility on myself and would instead ask for other people’s opinions. I have also become more assertive in expressing my opinions and ideas and will no longer keep them to myself in fear that I will be wrong. In general, I have become more self-assured and a lot more enthusiastic when it comes to getting tasks at work done well to a high standard as in other jobs I just didn’t get the same kind of support that I get here.

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